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The Big Open

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The Big Open - Paperback

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On foot and on their own, four adventurers brave the challenges of nature on a 275-mile trek through one of the most beautifulラand most remoteラregions of the world.

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320 pages, May 2004

In June 2002, four explorers, including mountaineering legend Rick Ridgeway, set out on the never-before-successful effort to follow the migration of the chiru?the Tibetan antelope?through the remote and desolate Chang Tang. The Big Open is Ridgeway's account of their trek, in which they pulled hi-tech rickshaws across terrain so isolated that there was no means of resupply and, if something went wrong, no means of rescue.

With the same vivid descriptions that made The Shadow of Kilimanjaro a national bestseller, Ridgeway gives a compelling firsthand account of the beauty of the high-altitude rangelands of Tibet's northern plain. Here the gazelle, brown bear, wild yak, and chiru all run free in the shadows of the snow-capped Himalaya. However, many of the animals are as endangered as they are endearing; particularly the chiru, which are hunted by nomads who use their coats to make most expensive wool in the world. Ridgeway and his colleagues desire to find the birthing grounds of the chiru, in hopes of being able to help establish a nature reserve to safeguard them. Braving storms and severe terrain, the adventurers follow the pregnant chiru into unknown and dangerous territory?and finally, on a plateau more than 17,000 feet high, they become the first explorers to watch the chiru give birth to their colt-legged young.

Teeming with danger and excitement, The Big Open is not only a first-class account of adventure, but also an inspiring look at the challenges humans must face in order to preserve and protect our constantly threatened natural world.

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