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Face to Face: Dolphins

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Face to Face: Dolphins - Hardcover

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Face to Face: Dolphins - Paperback

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Get up close and personal with creatures in the wild!

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32 pages, September 2007, Ages 7 to 11.

You're 70 feet underwater—face to face with one of the sea's friendliest creatures. National Geographic photographer Flip Nicklin and his wife Linda, a naturalist and educator, invite you to study the amazing behavior of the beloved dolphin. Learn the difference between an orca and a bottlenose. Witness a dophin baby nursed with mother's milk. Discover how these social mammals echolocate and communicate. Flip is a veteran of 5,500 dives worldwide, and this compelling book aims to encourage active concern and support for these smiling sea creatures whose intelligence demands our kinship.

Dimensions (in inches): 10 x 10.

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