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Face to Face with Caterpillars

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Face to Face with Caterpillars - Hardcover

Canadian: $17.95 USD
Face to Face with Caterpillars - Paperback

Canadian: $7.95 USD

Quick Overview

Get up close and personal with caterpillars!

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32 pages.

Ever had an in-your-face encounter with a caterpillar? Darlyne Murawski came eye-to-eye with a spiny caterpillar in Costa Rica—and was severely stung by the harmless-looking creepy-crawly. But she still got the picture. It's one of many caterpillar close-ups which illustrate this extraordinary book. Readers learn to study these insects like the experts: witness the astonishing life cycle with its metamorphosis from caterpillar to pupa to butterfly; see the amazing snake-like defenses of some poisonous species; and the silk stitching used by others to build leafy hideaways.

Face to Face with Caterpillars encourages an active study of this intriguing insect: How to find caterpillars, how to raise a monarch, how to help preserve their habitats, how to photograph the caterpillar, and how to learn more; it's all in Darlyne Murawski's fun book

Dimensions (in inches): 10 x 10.

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