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Award-winning Native American author Linda Hogan teams up with acclaimed novelist Brenda Peterson to document the serene beauty, mystery, and controversy surrounding gray whales as they migrate from Alaska to Mexico in this powerful collection of Sightings.

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Paperback, 336 pages, July 2002.

For 50 million years, the gray whale?the most ancient of all great whales?has evolved along the western shores of North America. Its 10,000-mile migration from its summer feeding grounds in the Bering Sea to its winter birthing lagoons in Baja, Mexico, represents a timeless story--one that exceeds the rational boundaries of science and speaks to many worlds, both human and cetacean.

In Sightings, celebrated Chickasaw writer Linda Hogan and acclaimed novelist and naturalist Brenda Peterson look at the rich past and divisive present of the greay whale, including the conflict between environmentalists who seek to protect the species and Native American tribes who traditionally hunt them. The authors illuminate as never before the complex and fascinating perspectives that surround this monumental migration--from tribal members, scientists, and fishermen to eco-warriors, businessmen, and historical whalers. Suffused with the authors' lyricism and clear-eyed passion, Sightings is a revelatory, often haunting, and altogether triumphant amalgam of accessible science, compelling history, incisive anthropology, and powerhouse storytelling.

Dimensions (in inches): 6 x 9.

With 16-page color photo insert.

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