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Through the Eyes of the Gods

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This gorgeous, oversized volume offers a rare glimpse into the most inaccessible, unspoiled, and breathtaking corners of Africa.

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Hardcover, 208 pages, September 2005.

From Botswana and Kenya to Djibouti and the Canary Islands, National Geographic's stunning Through the Eyes of the Gods provides a breathtaking aerial look at this vast and varied land. Whether stretches of desert too remote to cross or deltas too marshy to navigate, this book gives viewers an unequaled experience?access to places that are virtually impossible to reach from the ground.

Movingly introduced by best-selling author Kuki Gallmann (I Dreamed of Africa), these arresting photographs are organized as if in a gallery, and punctuated by evocative journal entries. Readers learn the essence of the unsung Africa, captured by Haas's musings on the stark beauty and raw power of this noble land. As invited guests on a private plane, we share the photographer's awe at what he sees below. Missing is disease and conflict, violence and corruption, famine and drought. The Africa seen through Haas's lens is searing, spiritual, primeval, and mysterious.

Spending endless hours hanging windblown on the side of a helicopter, overcoming countless obstacles, Haas was fueled by his passion to unearth a side of Africa hidden from everyday view. His aerial odyssey gives us a grand look at one of the most beautiful places on earth, yet one of the most threatened. Haas's images show not only the pristine side of the continent but also the human footprint as it becomes more visible on Africa's fragile, finely-balanced Eden. This photographic journey is festooned with earth's bounty, a panoply of our planet's last untouched expanses, and, though human intrusion laps at their edge, these wild places still enthrall.

Dimensions (in inches): 11 x 15.

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