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National Geographic Countries of the World: Canada

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The geography, people and culture, history, government, economy, and nature of Canada.

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Softcover, 64 pages, 2009.

National Geographic invites young readers to look North—to the world's second largest country. Learn how Canada boasts more lakes than any other country, and why its geological, climatic, and ecological variety make it a geographer's wonderland. Look back to a time when timber, minerals, and fresh water reserves initially attracted settlers to this great wilderness. Learn the background of Canada's formation in 1867 when three British colonies united to create a partially independent state of four provinces.

Read how Canada achieved full independence in 1931. Experience a modern country self-sufficient in fossil fuels, whose rivers supply hydroelectric power to the big cities of Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. It's here that you'll meet most Canadians, with three-quarters of the population now living in such metropolitan areas. Within these cities, immigrants from all over the Earth have etched out their own communities, making Canadian society a modern mosaic of assimilated cultures.

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