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National Geographic Almanac of Geography

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This ultimate illustrated almanac of physical and human geography is a must-have for every family library.
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Hardcover, 512 pages, September 2005.

This comprehensive, illustrated almanac is packed with fascinating information about the entire physical world and its peoples and contains hundreds of photographs, drawings, charts, sidebars, maps, and more.

Who were the earliest mapmakers? What makes the seasons change? What causes violent weather? What exactly is a mineral? What does a geographer do? Organized into four main parts for easy reference?What Is Geography, Physical Geography, Human Geography, and Places?the book provides an answer for every geographic question, from the history of mapmaking to the migration of people around the world to topics such as environmental hazards and cultural identity.

The book also provides useful information about world population, the spread of religion, the growth of cities, the global economy, and the depletion of natural resources. Looking ahead it asks: How many people can the Earth support? Where will they live? What will they do for a living? What languages will they speak? How will the boundaries of nations change in the 21st century?

The book includes an extensive flags-and-facts section featuring the flag of every nation in the world, its capital, territories, physical geography, language, economy, and more. It also contains an extensive glossary, lists of sources for further reading, and a complete index. The new National Geographic Almanac of Geography offers all the latest information you need to understand our world and all that is in it.

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