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Are We Alone?

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Includes the newest findings from recent rovers landing on Mars.

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Hardcover, 96 pages, June 2004, Ages 10 and up.

Could there really be life beyond Earth? Readers visit scientists the world over who ambitiously seek to answer that question. Through a combination of captivating narrative and scientific facts, author Gloria Skurzynski skillfully demonstrates how the quest for extraterrestrial life is real, widespread, and growing. Kids take part in the adventure as they discover what clues experts are studying right now to ''unearth'' the truth about alien life. From the SETI program, which searches for radio signals from deep space, to researchers who study organisms that live in extreme environments on Earth, the chase is on! There are even sidebars about top scientists in the field and what inspired them to do work that's out of this world. Filled with obscure, often surprising facts and interspersed with humor, this book will have kids questioning if they're alone in the universe.

Dimensions (in inches): 7 3/4 x 10

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