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True Green

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A practical, positive, and easy-to-use reference that shows how simple, small changes to your everyday life can make a big difference to the world.

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Paperback, 128 pages, April 2007.

Global warming, climate change, toxic waste, and more: it sometimes seems the environmental challenges we face are just too huge for individual actions to matter, but they're not—and here's the proof. True Green is based on the practical experience of Clean Up the World, a grassroots environmental movement that has inspired more than 40 million volunteers in over 100 countries to take action since 1993.

Whether you live in a city apartment, a suburban house, or a country farm, these simple, straightforward methods produce positive effects not just on our planet but on your pocketbook, too. For example, showering accounts for one-third of a typical home's water use, so making each shower slightly shorter results in real conservation over the long run. An average washing machine annually produces about 200 pounds of greenhouse gases, but a cold water wash can save about six pounds in emissions per cycle. Many electronic devices draw power even when "off," so actually unplugging them when not in use will save both money and electricity. Outdoors, mulching your garden can cut evaporation by as much as 70%, reducing the need to water often and conserving resources.

True Green explores six key areas where small changes can make a big difference: In the Home; In the Garden; At Work; Shopping; Travel; and In the Community. Dozens of illustrated spreads provide positive, practical, simple-to-implement tips and a summary of their environmental contribution; in addition, a reference guide to useful websites offers access to priceless additional information, global and local alike.

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